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Karel Zich

Karel Zich / herec, skladatel

Nar.: 10.06.1949
Praha, Československo více

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Czech pop-music fans were shocked by the sad news on Wednesday that Czech rock-and-roll legend, Karel Zich, had died in a tragic accident in France on Tuesday. His expansive repertoire attracted many followers during the forty years of a career that was prematurely ended this week. He was only 55. Karel Zich, a singer with an unmistakeable voice, earned the nickname the "Czech Elvis" thanks to performing a number of Czech versions of famous Elvis Presley songs in the 1970s and 1980s. He ...
Karel Zich - Parada

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Karel Zich | Máš chuť majoránky
Karel Zich - Máš chuť majoránky

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Karel zich s jednou ze svých nejkrásnějších písní.
Karel Zich - Jak jdem tím zdejším světem

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